January 26, 2015

Going Gaga over Boku no Hero Academia

Izuku Midoriya was just a regular middle school student in a world where people with superpowers known as "Quirks" are the norm. However, he dreams of one day becoming a Hero, despite being bullied by his classmates for not having a Quirk. After being the only one to try and save his childhood friend, Katsuki, from a Villain , All Might, the world's greatest Hero, bestows upon him his own quirk, "One For All". The story follows Izuku's entrance into Yūei High School, a school that cultivates the next generation of Heroes [1]
This manga is so good. So. Damn. Good. Never expected to like this so much. It's everytime Midoriya achieves something, you just want to clap for him and give a standing ovation. Thus I was so happy to see it becoming popular and the sales are all-time high.

Kōhei Horikoshi's art is quite impressive too. In Boku no Hero, he was able to mix both Japanese and Western artstyles effectively. However it should be noted that the guy's past works didn't achieve huge commercial success like what Boku no Hero is currently enjoying (Ōmagadoki Zoo only had 5 volumes and Sensei no Bulge only got 2) and his mangas were consistently beautiful in terms of visuals. I guess that since Horikoshi has no problems in the art department, his main focus now  is for him to keep up Midoriya's adventures interesting enough to last a longer time than expected.

December 11, 2014

What the Hell Happened to My 2014 New Year's Resolutions?

I was browsing my blog and reading through my articles (I know, I love myself) when I came upon this post. I was horrified since I completely forgot it exist and now 2014 is drawing to a close and I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I DID WITH MY LIFE THIS YEAR. Was I alright? Was I productive? Existentialism? Let us see:

Ancient Chinese Portraits Lulz

What do you get when you mix classical portraits of Chinese men and cleverness.
Saw these at weibo a month ago.

December 10, 2014


It might take a few days before publishing a new post. However apart from that, I am still short of topics right now and I really need new ideas. A few guys emailed me months ago about doing a new Romantic Escapade post but didn't actually name a celebrity. Apart from that, I would love to hear your comments and am willing to answer a bunch of questions. So for all inquiries, post requests, suggestions and troll conversations, feel free to send me a message via ask.fm!

It's a different account obviously, I have to separate the old one since it's only for personal use. Also please remember that ask.fm only have limited characters per question, it saddens me to see some of them cut off. Anyway, looking forward to hearing from you! :)

December 09, 2014

Games You Don't Want to Play 5

DISCLAIMER: All content provided on this blog post are for informational purposes only. 
I will not be liable for any errors or omissions, injuries, or damages from the display or use of this information. It is highly recommended NOT TO "PLAY" THEM, because you just don't "play" with the unknown. If you do choose to ignore this advice, do so at your own risk.

After a few weeks of  haitus, here I am once again offering you my faithful readers, a new installment to the Games You Don't Want to Play series. The following rituals are not as hardcore as the ones mentioned in the past posts but I still hope you guys would still heed the warnings I wrote on top (come on guys, recognize its existence! I even wrote it in red). Anyway, enjoy!


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